academic essays

So, you wrote a draft for your academic assignment, correct?

Now, we can offer you the following services to perfect your academic essay:

✔  Advanced grammar, reasoning & structure edits 

✔  Guidance on ideas, theme and thesis 

✔  Basic consulting services

What you can expect from us:


✔  Containing numerous grammatical errors 

✔  Having a weak thesis and supporting details

✔  Having out of topic, awkward sentences                              


✔  Free of any grammatical errors

✔  Strong, convincing thesis with solid reasoning  

✔  Natural, compelling and logical sentences 

Check out the example from one of our clients:

✔ Program: AVOCADO - Silver

✔ Client Information : 영국 파운데이션 과정

✔ What our client asked for :  Environment 관련 에세이 첨삭

✔ What we have done for the client: 교수 1차 피드백에 맞춘 첨삭, 아이디어 수정에 따른 내용 작성, 레퍼런스 확인 등

✔ Picture Information (일부만 발췌) : 

#1: Writing assessment criteria provided from the school

#2: Essay edited + written by J&B

#3: Essay edited + written by J&B (Continued)

Consultation Form (Avocado-Silver) 

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