us college admissions essays

So, you want to systemically learn and improve your us college admissions essay writing skills, correct?

Now, we can offer you the following services for your us college admissions essay:

✔  Advanced writing edits and production of an application essay in a systemic manner 

✔  100% customized program curriculum & schedule 

✔  Comprehensive diagnostics test prior to commencing program 

✔  Monthly evaluation report 

✔  100% personalized consulting services  

What you can expect from us:


✔  In need of guidance throughout the writing process

✔  Lacking confidence how to independently plan and begin writing an application essay prompt



✔  Customized curriculum and schedule to monitor and supervise your work progress

✔  1-on-1 consulting services to find your confidence  

Check out the example from one of our clients:

✔ Program : Carrot - Diamond (2-month)

✔ Client Information : 미국 서부 공립 고등학교 10학년/ College Admission Essays, Common Application Essays

✔ What we have done for the client: Evaluation sheet 제공, Essay 구조 잡기, 문장의 흐름/ 연결 교정, 문학적 표현 지도

✔ Picture Information (일부만 발췌) : 

#1: Essay writing (client) + Edited and feedback given by J&B (Week 1)

#2: Essay writing (client) + Edited and feedback given by J&B (Week 2)

#3: Essay writing (client) + Edited and feedback given by J&B (Week 8)

#4: Essay Evaluation Sheet

#5: Feedback for the Student 

Consultation Form (Carrot-Diamond) 

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