us college admissions essays

So, you wrote a draft for your us college admissions essay, correct?

Now, we can offer you the following services to perfect your us college admissions essay:

✔  Advanced grammar, reasoning & structure edits 

✔  Guidance on ideas, theme and thesis with respect to application prompts 

✔  Guidance on storytelling strategies and other techniques 

✔  Basic consulting services  

What you can expect from us:


✔  Containing numerous grammatical errors 

✔  Having prompt-irrelevant ideas and details

✔  Lacking personal storytelling skills


✔  Free of any grammatical errors

✔  Containing prompt-focused, convincing details  

✔  Guidance on discovering your unique stories 

Check out the example from one of our clients:

✔ Program: CARROT - Silver 

✔ Client Information : 한국 국제 고등학교 학생/ Brown University 입학 준비/ Supplemental Essays 

✔ What our client asked for :아이디어 수정, 구조잡기, Paraphrasing, 주장 뒷받침 찾기 등 

✔ What we have done for the client: 문법 교정, 어색한 문장 교정, 단어 선택 점검 

✔ Picture Information (일부만 발췌) : 

#1: (Editing) Please inform us of the exams and scores you find most meaningful

#2: (Editing) Why are you drawn to the area(s) of study you indicated earlier in this application?

#3: (Editing) What do you hope to experience at Brown through the Open Curriculum, and what do you hope to contribute to the Brown community?

#4: (Editing) Tell us about the place, or places, you call home. These can be physical places where you have lived, or a community or group that is important to you

Consultation Form (Carrot-Silver) 

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