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So, you wrote a draft for your essay choice, correct?

Now, we can offer you the following services to perfect your college application essay:

✔  Advanced grammar, reasoning & structure edits 

✔  Guidance on ideas, theme and thesis with respect to the choice of your essay 

✔  Guidance on strategies and other techniques pertinent to the essay type 

✔  Basic consulting services  

What you can expect from us:


✔  Containing numerous grammatical errors 

✔  Having prompt-irrelevant ideas and details

✔  Lacking writing skills specific to the chosen type


✔  Free of any grammatical errors

✔  Containing prompt-focused, convincing details  

✔  Guidance on how to master a specific essay type

Check out the example from one of our clients:

✔ Program: ONION - Silver (독후감)

✔ Client Information : 미국 동부 사립 고등학교 11학년/ Narrative Essays

✔ What our client asked for : 대회용 에세이 교정, 글의 매끄러운 연결성 확인

✔ What we have done for the client: Narrative Style에 맞춰 구어체적인 표현을 많이 넣으면서 객관적인 설명 추가

✔ Picture Information (일부만 발췌) : 

#1: The Color of Me

#2: No One Knows What Will Happen

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